How to share 24/7 your smartphone GPS position between your family members with Google Maps application

Smartphones (Android, iPhones) can track your position using GPS. Using Google Maps application you can share 24/7 your smartphone position to your friends, family or coworkers. 

For me it was very important to know the position of my family members to know when I can contact them (for instance when I see that my parents are at a shopping mall I will avoid calling them since it’s difficult for my mom to take a call while carrying a shopping basket).

For my parents it’s important to know where am I because otherwise they will call me just to ask me where am I. Or there want to know if I’m back at home. Parents 🙂

Below you will find how did I enable smartphone GPS position sharing 24/7 functionality with my family.

1.For you and all family members (between which you want to share your smartphone GPS position) create Google account using the link below

2. On your phone and all your family members phones : 

2.1. Install Google Maps application

2.2 In Google Maps application, connect to you Google account by clicking on the profile icon and inserting your login and password (see image below)


3. Once your Google Maps is linked to your Google account, click on the menu button. In the menu click on “share your position” and on start button (see image below)

4. From the next menu you select “to share you position until deactivation”. After that you click on select contacts and from the contacts list you select the one you want to share your position to.The contacts with Google account link to Google Maps have Google Maps icon and title in the contact list. (see image below)

(ending of this article is under construction)

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