How to build a remote language learning tool based on free services

In this article I will talk about how to build an efficient tool for remote language learning needs.

Traveling for work from country to country obliged me to learn new languages very fast.

To do it, I use a tool based on a very simple principle:

Use all these short moments in a day when you don’t have anything to do (metro, waiting line in a shop, toilet :)) to see and memorize a list of new words and be able to change this list of words on the go and on daily bases :

  • if I see in my school or my work a word that I need to learn very fast I can add to the list remotely
  • if I see that there is a word that I’ve already memorized I am able to remove it from the list remotely

Thus I’ve found and tested a technology to be able to do 3 task :

  • I. write words (on laptop, smartphone or tablet) + translate them automatically
  • II. show them on smartphone 
  • III. modify the list on smartphone 

And all this on daily bases. 

Please find below the way I do it : 

I. Write words (you can do it on laptop or smartphone or tablet) 

Step 1 | Go to Google sheet service. Link below.

If you have Google Account (enter you login and password), otherwise create your Google Account . Link below.

Step 2 | On the Google sheet service website, click on create a spreadsheet 

Step 3 | In the new spreadsheet, write words to be translated (example below)

Step 4 | in the column to the right,  write Google translate formula to translate the list of words from the column on the left. Copy the formula for all the words (ex. below) 

Example for polish to english language translation

II. Show the translated list on smartphone

Step 5 | To show the same Google Sheet file on your phone you need to copy the link from your navigator (example below)  ….

Step 6 | … and paste it in the navigator on your smartphone. 

Depending on your phone you will be redirected to the web page of the google sheet file or to the mobile google sheet application. In both scenarios you would need to enter your Google Account login and password.

III. Modify the list on smartphone 

Using web page or mobile application you can delete, add, modify words.

For all steps we need to have an access to the internet.

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