Virtual Coffee Time or Apéro-Vidéo | Remote socializing

Virtual Coffee Time or Apéro-Vidéo

Informal communication and socializing is a big part of any company or any other type of human organization. Therefore, it is very important to be able to socialize remotely using digital tools when physical its not possible (ex. COVID19 time).

Please, find below two concepts that work very good.

Virtual Coffee Time

You need to create a virtual coffee corner to make possible for all people in the organization to connect remotely and exchange with others using video conference when they take a short break (ex. coffee). It’s just like at the coffee machine, but using video conferencing tool. And if you’re having tea, you’re also welcome!

And the best place to show it to your colleagues is their agenda/calendar. They look at it quite often so putting a permanent invitation there will maximize the chance that they will connect from time to time.

To build this place I’ve used the calendar service used in my company (Google Calendar) and add permanent video conferencing functionality (

Below you will find a demo how did I do it with Google Calendar and Hangouts. And if you want to have more information on how to use Hangout please go here.

This way all people that have received this invitation, will see a permanent invitation in their calendar and can connect to hangout video conference room when they want to have a break.

PS. If your organization is small, you can put one meeting at a specific moment in a day. Example below.


In France, they call it Apéro-Vidéo. It’s a very simple concept. It’s like grabbing a drink after work with your work friends but you do it remotely. Basically, using your company calendar, you schedule a meeting after company working hours (lets say 19h00) and invite your colleagues. In the invitation you add video conference link so that people can connect. You prepare your drink (ex. a beer), you connect remotely to the video conference and you wait for other participants to join.

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