Icons for free to organize your text messages

In any digital project (Website, PowerPoint presentation, Mobile application). I’m always searching to have nice and relevant visuals. To convey a message or to organize the information, the right mix between text and image is important. And if the visuals are picked according to the text is even better. Therefore, I’m always searching for libraries with free images and icons to find the perfect icon or image to reinforce the message. Please find below my findings.

ICONS8 Icons service gives you access to free 130800 icons that you can search via key word engine and customized before downloading (colour, transparent background, …). The icons are for free, but you need to put a link to Icons8. You can find more information here icons8.com/license

Flat Icons propose many icons and only some of them are free. Below you will find a link to filter on free icons

Emoji Maker let you create your Emoji using simple menu. Perfect if you need to personalize your Emojis and keep the same look & feel.

Emojipedia gives you access to emojis library

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