Get face description from a photo lets you get basic face description from a photo using artificial intelligence. There is quite a lot of information you can get: number of faces, age, gender, emotion, glasses detection, smile detection, etc. .

Demo of this service

You can upload any photo and get the results immediately.

demo video of service

Here is the photo that I’ve used for the test :

And here is an extract of the results that I’ve received. On the left the report produced by the website and on the right my interpretation.

Results reportInterpretation
“age”: 21age = 21
“emotion”: {“classes”: {“angry”: 0.0, “disgust”: 0.0, “fear”: 0.0, “happy”: 0.95, “neutral”: 0.05, “sad”: 0.0, “surprise”: 0.0}95% of probability that the person is happy, 5% that is neutral, 0% for other categories
“gender”: {“classes”: { “man”: 0.06, “woman”: 0.94}94% of probability that the person is a woman, 6% that is a man
“glasses”: {“classes”: {“not-using-glasses”: 1.0, “swimming-goggles”: 0.0, “using-glasses”: 0.0}100% of probability that the person is not using glasses
“smile”: {“is_smiling”: true, “probability”: 1.0} 100% of probability that the person is smiling

Usage examples

For us, humans, it’s easy to do this exercise and with far more precision. However, we can imagine that this technology we can use on much bigger scale. Imagine that you have a website which enables visitors to submit photos. You ask people to submit photos without glasses. With this technology integrated directly into your website, you can alert people in real time when people are submitting photos with glasses, without even seeing the photos.

And you, do you have any ideas, how this technology can be useful for you?


Free option includes 1k requests / month. Paid options starts from 39€/month with 40K requests per month


It took me 10 seconds to get the results from one picture. With simple photos, the results are very accurate. With more complicated the algorithm gets crazy.

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