Find the cheapest flights using chat is a chatbot which finds for you the cheapest flights. It’s available from major messaging platforms (Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, etc). You can use your natural language (English only) to ask it to find a flight according to your preferences.

Demo of the service using Facebook

This is the question that I’ve asked Eddy Travels in my Facebook chat :
“I need a flight from Warsaw to Paris on 25 July”.

It works also with hotels.

To find Eddy travels on Facebook you need to use the search window :

Usage examples

Well, in some scenarios, it’s faster to go to Facebook Messenger and ask Eddy Travels, than to go to sky scanner website. Of course, if you need to do an extended research, sky scanner or Google Flights are more efficient. But if you need to have one quote, Eddy Travels is faster.

How does it work

This service is based on Natural Language Processing algorithm, sky scanner scrapping algorithm and integration with internet messages.

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