Create and share your drawing in real-time using a web link

Miro ( is a quite good solution when you need to create and discuss in real-time a drawing or a schema with somebody over the internet without extra hassles. Miro let you easily create your schema and share it in real-time with anybody (no installation or login needed) through a weblink.

Why this topic? Today, the remote-work context forces us to share our ideas through phone or video conferencing. To be understood, we often use schemas or drawings. Often for some reasons, the video conferencing solutions bug and we can not share our screen. There are many reasons: the internet connection is poor, somebody uses a tablet and don’t see the screen. The last resort is to send notes by mail but you can not manipulate it in real-time while talking. Therefore sharing a link, where a person can see or drawing or schema created in real-time, can often help you save the meeting.

Miro solution is not perfect. Firstly, you need to have you own Miro account signed up. Secondly, as of today (25/07/2020) the solution will not let your interlocutor edit wit you in real-time your drawing. He can only observe. But even with this limitation you can easily draft a schema and share a link with it to your interlocutor.

Demo of the service


  • Creating your Miro account, drawing and sharing your drawing via link is free of charge.

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