Who am I ?

when somebody ask me : 

“where are you from?”, 

my answer is : 

“it’s complicated. My parents come from 4 different cultures. Me, myself, I’ve lived and work in 5 very different countries » 

Throughout my life, every time I’ve moved to another country I needed to make some modifications in my life. I’ve changed 2 times my nationality and I’ve learned 4 languages. More importantly, I’ve developed new habits and tools to adapt to new environment and to make links between roots I’ve created in each country. 

I’ve always been surrounded by computers and I’m still working with them for my daily work. Computers and new digital culture helped me to be more efficient. I was obliged to do so since moving from a place to a place comes with a cost. To understand the digital culture and learn how to use computers (laptop, smartphone, tablet, …) I’ve surrounded myself by people able to explain my how to use it. 

I want to share with you how my life has been impacted by digital, globalization and new cultures and what Ive learned about how to be efficient in personal and professional life.  

Welcome, Bienvenue, Witam, добро пожаловать to my blog.  

PS #1 One principle that I will keep for this blog is that all the work related to it I do remotely, mostly from my smartphone. For example, the server and WordPress.org installation or articles writing I do remotely and using all those small moments when you don’t have anything to do (waiting line in shop, metro, hairdresser or toilet, yes I write this blog in the toilet :)).

PS #2 If you have any remarks or questions please share them with me via remotelife.net@gmail.com. I’m in the testing phase and I need your feedback to evolve this blog to make it more helpful to you.

PS #3 I usually publish my articles on weekends